Clinical Psychologist specialising in
Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness

The Ultimate Guide to
Developing Emotional
Intelligence for Leaders

Does the business world really need another book on emotional intelligence?

Emotional Capitalists is based on ten years of empirical psychological research of thousands of the world’s most successful business leaders; in it, Dr. Newman identifies the seven emotional competencies that set exceptional men and women apart.

But identifying emotional competencies isn’t enough, plenty of books do that. As you progress through each chapter, Dr Newman guides you through the mental skills you need to grasp in order to develop your emotional intelligence, at a level usually reserved for private meetings in blue chip companies.

Not only academic, it’s drenched in real world business advice. Dr Newman’s experience in building emotional capital has been sought at the highest levels of leadership worldwide, including: SKY, Deloitte, Mars, Network Rail, ExxonMobil and Quiksilver.

A few things you’ll learn inside the book:

  • An easy-to-implement blueprint for developing your emotional capital
  • Case studies showing the business R.O.I. of investing in emotional intelligence
  • Specific tactics for how to use emotional intelligence for professional and personal growth