Clinical Psychologist specialising in
Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness

Dr Martyn Newman

Martyn Newman, PhD is a clinical psychologist specialising in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Mindfulness. He is author of the best selling book Emotional Capitalists and newly released The Mindfulness Book. And co-author of the Emotional Capital Report™ – the global benchmark for measuring EQ and leadership performance – and the Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory – the world’s first psychological inventory to measure how EQ supports elite sports performance.

Martyn received his PhD from the University of Sydney and holds an MA from GTU at the University of California, Berkeley, a Masters of Psychology from Monash University, Melbourne, and a Doctor of Psychology from La Trobe University, Melbourne. He has held academic posts as Senior Lecturer at the University of East London, the School of Psychology at ACU National and is currently Visiting Fellow for Leadership at Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University and an Instructor in Mindfulness on the MBA program, Sydney University.

Martyn’s advice has been sought at the highest levels of leadership worldwide, including the likes of Sky, Deloitte, ExxonMobil, Mars, Network Rail and Quiksilver, Royal Bank of Scotland and British Airways among many others.

“Martyn Newman is an inspiring authority on emotional intelligence, mindfulness and leadership and has supported a significant transformation at Sky by co-developing and facilitating our ‘Better Self’ Leadership Programme. His book, Emotional Capitalists and the Emotional Capital Report (ECR) as a global measure of emotional intelligence and leadership have proven to be powerful tools in Sky’s ongoing mission to enhance leadership performance throughout our business. Personally, I am delighted to say this continues to be one of the most acclaimed and effective leadership programmes at Sky to-date.”
Ralph Tribe, Director for People

“If Daniel Goleman is the covered-wagon pioneer in emotional intelligence, then Newman is the builder of log cabins.”
Adventure Associates USA

“When it comes to cutting edge thinking on leadership and emotional intelligence, Dr Martyn Newman and RocheMartin are true leaders in the field.”
Melbourne Business School

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is the umbrella term for the core emotional competencies that provide insight into how emotions drive thought processes and behaviour.

Why is EQ important to business?

The challenges that businesses now face are primarily emotional in nature. This means the emotional intelligence of leaders is becoming ever more relevant. Leaders must manage the moods and experiences of those working for them so that they buy into the vision of the business, which is in turn communicated to consumers who buy into the business’ values.

What is Emotional Capital?

Employees want to work for more than a pay-check, they want their work to matter. Customers want to buy from organisations that they like and reflect the values they want to live by. A brand is now much more than just a logo, it represents trust and an emotional contract between each employee and each customer.

Emotional Capital is the value of those feelings, beliefs and perceptions that people hold towards a business and will determine the level of engagement (and success) that business has.